High Performance SEO Marketing and Automation Services in Seattle

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about getting high quality traffic to your website. That means configuring your web application with high quality content and ensuring that content is accessible to search engines and social networks.

With my web development and marketing experience, I can help you drive sales and leads with an effective approach to Search Engine Optimization. Together we’ll:

  • Review your SEO objectives and perform an audit of your website, application, or retail operation
  • Develop a content plan that addresses the following web properties that influence search and social:
    • Metadata includes title, description.
    • Social cards – those image, title, and excerpt previews you see when sharing a link on a social network
    • Sitemaps and configuration of Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster, and Google Business profile.
  • With a content plan, improve configuration of the metadata and sitemaps of your website or application
  • Setup an optional monitoring and tuning plan to test and make adjustments to increase performance

Contact me if you are interested in sitting down or schedule a call to discuss if my SEO services are a fit for your business.

— Christo