Retail Systems Migration & Integration

Are you looking to change your point of sale system, add a customer relationship management tool, or go fully virtual with your contact center? I can help you drive the process of migrating or integrating a new system from start to end with my experience as a developer, business analyst, and system administrator. Some of the experience migrating and integrating systems include:

To increase online sales and decrease cost – migrate retail point of sale from POSIM to Square

Driven by an objective for a lower cost, lower maintenance, and marketing-integrated POS for a single store, I migrated a POSIM server and desktop setup to an iPad-based POS that included:

  • Programmatic migration of thousands of SKUs and cleaning of inventory data
  • Configuration of POS interface to promote brand and improve customer and sales experience
  • Documentation for sales staff of POS guide and store specific situations
  • Automated marketing setup and testing
  • Square Online setup, customization, and SEO configuration
  • Buy Online & Pickup in Store setup and configuration

To better meet customers – migrate to a mobile contact center, from landline to Dialpad

Driven by an objective to manage a local retail and delivery operation with a small number of staff in store and on the road, I setup Dialpad to replace a landline system. Now customers receiving phone calls from drivers see it from one recognizable phone number and can communicate by text or phone. This transition included:

  • Setup and training on how to use the app to communicate with client’s by text and virtual phone
  • Phone tree setup to direct calls to the right person during and after store hours

To achieve sales tax compliance – setup & integrate Taxjar into a custom e-commerce application

With an objective to keep cost of compliance low, I setup and integrated Taxjar which included:

  • Evaluating sales tax nexus in all delivery states
  • Setting up accounts with nexus states
  • Integrating the Taxjar API with the custom e-commerce application

To manage a growing remote sales & support team – migrate from shared email inbox and landline to Zendesk and Amazon Connect

With an objective to increase customer service satisfaction and to expand east and west coast business hours contact center coverage, I setup and administered Zendesk and Amazon Connect for a growing business.

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— Christo