Seattle Facebook Group Admin Meetup

Was this the first Sudo -Seattle event? Sorta! This past weekend, a meetup for admins of place-based neighborhood groups on Facebook took place in the space. We had about 10 participants in the potluck meet-up representing five neighborhoods around the Southeast Seattle. Our major accomplishment was simply meeting as a group, but in addition we identified some of the common motivations and issues we share in moderating online spaces for place-based community building. Most of the issues are captured in the image above.

Are you an admin of an online forum, group, or page for a neighborhood in Seattle? Are you looking for connecting and meeting with other admins/moderators? Send me a message and I’d be happy to let you know about our next meeting.

3rd Floor: Sudo -Seattle Studio

Sudo -Seattle is a studio for the production and exhibition of work at the intersection of art, technology, and urbanism. It is a space for creative and critical inquiry in a non-institutional setting.

Are you an artist, urbanist, programmer, arts collective, critical engineer, or creative researcher interested in producing or presenting work in Columbia City and South Seattle? I would be interested in meeting you, hearing about what you’re doing, and seeing about possibilities for collaboration. Attend one of the upcoming events.

– Christo