Call for Mini Visiting Residencies

Are you a designer, artist, programmer, urbanist, economist, teacher, or archivist? Are you visiting Seattle and looking for somewhere to stay? Host a mini-workshop or lead a discussion about your work in exchange for a discount on your reservation at the Columbia City Live-Above Loft.

Residency parameters:

  • ideal size of audience is 6 to 12 people for a one to four hour event
  • promotion for the event will be on our Meetup group and/or the neighborhood Facebook group
  • outcomes of the event can be exhibited in the studio and will be published here on

Topics of local interest

Columbia City is undergoing a period of rapid growth similar to other neighborhoods in Seattle. The population of 7,000 is set to increase with the addition of 700 units of new housing within a relatively small area. Historically, the neighborhood is socially and economically diverse, characterized by strong ties and collective action. How can art, technology, and creative inquiry strengthen and sustain resilient community? Topics of interest may include:

  • art and community engagement
  • online and tactical media methods for building community and mobilizing collective action
  • social network analysis and other data methods for understanding changes in a neighborhood
  • data mining and visualization methods for activism
  • grassroots sensor networks
  • citizen journalism
  • engaging community in planning proccess and advocacy
  • community design and identity
  • civic technology and techniques for bike advocacy
  • DIY urban planning and public space improvements
  • defining the boundaries of a neighborhood
  • community currencies and alternate forms/platforms for exchange

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Dates are subject to availability. Submitting a proposal does not guarantee residency.

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Seattle Facebook Group Admin Meetup

Was this the first Sudo -Seattle event? Sorta! This past weekend, a meetup for admins of place-based neighborhood groups on Facebook took place in the space. We had about 10 participants in the potluck meet-up representing five neighborhoods around the Southeast Seattle. Our major accomplishment was simply meeting as a group, but in addition we identified some of the common motivations and issues we share in moderating online spaces for place-based community building. Most of the issues are captured in the image above.

Are you an admin of an online forum, group, or page for a neighborhood in Seattle? Are you looking for connecting and meeting with other admins/moderators? Send me a message and I’d be happy to let you know about our next meeting.

2nd Floor: Sudo -Seattle Studio

Sudo -Seattle is a studio for the production and exhibition of work at the intersection of art, technology, and urbanism. It is a space for creative and critical inquiry in a non-institutional setting.

Are you an artist, urbanist, programmer, arts collective, critical engineer, or creative researcher interested in producing or presenting work in Columbia City and South Seattle? I would be interested in meeting you, hearing about what you’re doing, and seeing about possibilities for collaboration. Attend one of the upcoming events.

And if you’re any of the above and visiting Seattle, looking for a place to stay, consider applying for a mini-residency and stay in the Live-Above Loft.

– Christo